Britte | Researching the food-intake of Dutch adolescent surfers
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16 Feb Researching the food-intake of Dutch adolescent surfers

The competitive side of surfing is developing rapidly among the Dutch coast. Every year a Dutch Champion is crowned through a series of competitions during the season. Besides, different talent teams popped up over the last few years to take competitive surfing to a higher level. Coaches, physical trainers- and therapists are part of these developments, though the sportsdietitian is still a missing element in the sport. An optimal diet can support the surfing athlete in not only a better performance, but also in an improved general health.

In order to develop the right education, it is necessary to determine the current situation of the target group

To take a step forward in the process of getting more involved in surfing as a sportsdietitian-to-be, I started researching the current food-intake of Dutch adolescent surfers. During this 20-week-research, I will determine the current food-intake of Dutch adolescent surfers in order to develop an optimal and appropriate guideline that can be used to educate and advise the surfers about nutrition in the near future.

For an overview of the results and the full research article, stay tuned for the research report in September!