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CURL Mag print issue #52


After the first magazine I designed for CURL – which was an online mag – we went back to a printed magazine. I can’t describe the feeling of holding our own freshly printed mag in my hands – the smell of new (earth friendly of course!) paper, the feel of the message we want to bring across – I am beyond excited about the outcome and hope you are too.


Get a copy at surfshop Stoked in Sumner or buy one online at

Appetite For Life Pyramid Illustration


This pyramid outlines the philosophy of Appetite For Life: a weight management and healthy lifestyle programme that runs throughout Canterbury. As the old pyramid was a bit outdated, a fresh and updated pyramid was in need. Such a pleasure to create, and another project where I got to combine FUEL and CREATE.


For more info about the course, check out

Boot Camp with Kaz


For Boot Camp with Kaz I created three e-books in the same theme: a Healthy Food Guide (written by Ien Hellemans), a Training Diary and a Record Book (both written by Karen Hulston with Jo Bailey). These are some snap shots to give you an impression of the inside looks.


Interested in the Boot Camp? Check out

SURF FUEL flyer for the 2017 World Conference of Surfing Medicine International


A flyer I wrote and designed for my workshop “Surf Fuel” about Performance Nutrition for Surfers. The workshop was held during the 2017 World Conference of Surfing Medicine International in Sagres, Portugal last October.

CURL Mag Online issue #01


Targeting female surfers, CURL Magazine is a unique concept in New Zealand. The magazine is all about surf, friendship and fun. After many printed issues, this autumn issue is online and downloadable for free.


During this project, is was my task to stay loyal to the existing style and identity of the brand, while incorporating my own ideas and creativity.


I really enjoyed the process of putting the mag together, and I made big personal steps as a graphic designer. For me, this is an ultimate example of combining my three passions “Sweat”, “Fuel” and “Create”. Getting the opportunity to work within the surf industry, creating a magazine and writing articles about nutrition – all in one project.


Download the full magazine here.

PhD Thesis Design


During his Dutch Sport Nutrition and Supplement Study (DSSS), Floris Wardenaar evaluated the dietary intake and nutritional supplement use of elite and sub-elite Dutch athletes. As well as I am a co-author for one of his articles published in the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism (Nutritional Supplement Use by Dutch Elite and Sub-Elite Athletes: Does Receiving Dietary Counseling Make a Difference?), I also designed several elements of his PhD Thesis, like the cover, chapter pages and graphs, using raw research data from SPSS Statistics. Besides, I made the invitation for his conference and a variety of illustrations used in his presentations; all in the same theme style.


Research can look pretty boring, which is a shame. Giving research a look and feel makes the actual content a lot more attractive for people to read or look at. Doing research does not leave much time for taking care of the looks of your work, though. If you want your thesis, graphs, invitations and presentations to look awesome while you can focus on the content, get in touch with me to see what the possibilities are!


  • As a certified dietitian myself, I am familiar with research and statistics. I can interpret raw data and create graphs and images, combining my dietitian and graphic design skills
  • If required, I can design an entire theme around the subject of your project, which you can use for Powerpoints, invitations, promotion, articles or websites

Nutritional Status Reports


Sportsdietitians Nick Iedema (Dutch Olympic Hockey team) and Naomi Brinkhorst (Royal Dutch Football Association) needed a tool to communicate nutrition advice to their athletes. It had to be no more than one page only, with an appealing and individual look and feel. Together with Bo van Rooij, we invented and developed the concept  Nutritional Status Reports. Through Compl-eat, we could analyze the food intakes collected by 24-hour recalls, in order to make these numbers visible in graphs by comparing them to the athletes’ individual needs. Nutritional Status Reports are now used by major elite and Olympic sports teams in the Netherlands, like the Dutch Olympic Hockey team and first division soccer teams (AJAX, PSV, Vitesse). They were also used for the athletes contributing to my study ‘The Food-Intake or Recreational Surfers‘.


  • Applicable for all sports or groups with a unique design
  • Individual report on the front side, personalized advice on backside
  • Efficient method to see progression and communicate nutrition advice

Fueling UP!


Sportsdietitian Janine Reitsema (Dutch Olympic Beach Volleyball team) was looking for a tool to give to her Beach Volleyball athletes for when they are on the road for competitions and tournaments. Together with Mariska Sprado, Floor Dieben, Frederique Higler, Jaimy Struijk en Stephanie Terpstra, we developed the concept  Fueling UP!. It is a printed booklet (dimensions 15x15cm) that contains all of Janine’s advice regarding several topics, such as ‘Travelday and time difference’, ‘Hotel and buffet’, ‘Food poisoning’, ‘No appetite’ and ‘Extreme heat’. Athletes can refer to this guide whenever they need a reminder while they’re on the road, in absence of their expert.


  • Evidence based guidelines for traveling athletes
  • Fully focused and tuned for one specific sport, or even for one specific team
  • Reference work for athletes when on their own (when there is no dietitian around)
  • Content supervised by the athletes’ executive sportsdietitian