Britte | Fueling UP! sportsnutrition for on the road
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06 May Fueling UP! sportsnutrition for on the road

As in many sports, the Dutch National Beach volleyball team mentioned that they were in need of a practical food guide that pointed out exactly what they should eat, when they should eat that and how they should adapt do different situations like on the road or during competitions.

A practical guide on managing the athlete's food while on the road
In commission of their sportsdietitian Janine Reitsema, we developed such a guide. We set up Fueling UP!: a general concept that aspires to be the title of many more sports specific food guides to come. We are proud to present the first edition of Fueling UP!, specifically developed for Dutch beach volleyball players.

The guide contains a list of products that should be taken on the road from home, practical tips on how to eat on a travel day, how to deal with a buffet offered by a hotel, how to deal with food poisoning, an extensive overview of what to eat when on a competition day and how to handle extreme heat when having to perform in the tropics.