Britte | Conference in Surfing Medicine 2015
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04 Oct Conference in Surfing Medicine 2015

As I am focusing on the kind of sports that not many sportsdietitians are focusing on, I have to think out of the box, build my own path, do my own research and find my inspiration through other disciplines. This is why the European Association of Surfing Doctors caught my attention: a group of doctors who are also surfers, or work with surfers. During their 4th Annual Conference in Surfing Medicine; a three-day lecture in Biarritz, France, specialists talked about topics like drowning resuscitation, injury prevention, dermatology, coaching and high performance surfing, environmental protection, water pollution and surfer’s health, etcetera. Nothing on nutrition just yet, but hey, here I am.


I packed my bags (and my surfboard for in between the lectures, ha!) and went there to take a look at what the association is up to and what their vision on surf specific nutrition currently is. It turns out there is a huge demand for a surf specific nutrition guide, and a big interest for healthy food in general. Most of the people I spoke with are interested in what exactly surfers have to eat when. Because of the environmental dependence of the surfing sport, most people are also interested in environmentally responsible food choices, like organic food.

The lectures were all very inspiring, it made me brainstorm pretty much full time and I am proud to announce that I have figured out what my next research project will be about, which starts in January 2016. More on that later!

Our crew

Our crew

As a highlight I want to mention the lifeguarding workshop, which was very interesting and helpful for me as a surf instructor. Besides the business part of the trip, I was surrounded by some amazing human beings, plus we were lucky to have the pretty Basque area as our playground. Along with some (not many) tiny waves and an Indian Summer sun shining everyday, there was quite a good vibe hanging around. Next year the 5th annual is on in California, so stay tuned and who knows… There might be a bigger focus on nutrition by then…! 😉



Photo’s by the European Association of Surfing Doctors easd-color