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Everything I do relates to at least one of these themes.
Combining two – or even all three of them – makes me smile, to say the very least.
Dutch Registered Dietitian

As a Registered Dietitian I have successfully completed the four-year full time Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition and Dietetics in The Netherlands, plus I am registered in the Dutch Paramedical Quality Register (Kwaliteitsregister Paramedici, 19103614989). I am currently in the process of becoming a New Zealand Registered Dietitian & Registered Nutritionist as well, supervised by Ien Hellemans. As you may have guessed, sports nutrition is my where my biggest interest lies, especially regarding extreme sports such as surfing and snowboarding.

Graphic & Content Designer

As a self-taught Graphic & Content Designer I create a large variety of products. It is my passion to translate – sometimes boring – evidence based theory into pretty looking things. To me, image is everything: I am not impressed by text only. Designing magazines was my dream as a little girl, and this dream has been chasing me throughout my life, trying to earn a spot in between my other pursuits. Finally I am acknowledging this urge to create: I just have to accept that I really am quite a nerd, who likes to spend hours behind a desk bringing ideas to life. For examples of my work check out my portfolio.

Former Professional Athlete

For years, I followed the winter season all over the globe as a freestyle snowboarder. Mainly focusing on slopestyle, I competed in the FIS and World Snowboard Tour. Besides, I collected footage for magazines and film projects and represented the brands ROXY and FLOW snowboarding as an international teamrider. Due to back-to-back injuries I was forced to retire in 2012. However, I still feel like an athlete every day; it is a part of who I am. Sport still constitutes what my daily life looks like, and have a big priority in my lifestyle.